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What is the experience like?

When you begin to play our room escape game, you walk through a door and find yourself plunged into New Pelagia, an Orwellian dystopia full of suspense and suspicion. The people here are watched over by the love and grace of JCN, a huge pervasive computer and CCTV network. The government rations and controls everything to keep things tidy – there are rumours that sometimes people get tidied away too.

You are members of the underground resistance movement who are being sent to infiltrate the Ministry of Perception and find out what happened to a double agent who has mysteriously disappeared.

note from resistance

What does it look like?

Taking influence from the films ‘Brazil‘, ‘Nineteen Eighty Four‘, ‘The Lives of Others‘ and ‘The Double‘ as well as computer games ‘Blackbar‘ and ‘Papers, Please!‘, the set design puts the players into the intense atmosphere of a ministerial bureau at the heart of a surveillance network. You are surrounded by huge antiquated computers to hack, CCTV cameras to spy through and secret messages to intercept.

From our time working as set designers for Punchdrunk, we learned a lot about the skill of environmental storytelling. Unlike a lot of Escape Rooms, our game has a narrative that unfolds as you play as a result of your actions. The puzzles you play were developed along side the story and feel like they truly belong to the scene you are in.

What is a room escape game?

Ever wanted to play Knightmare or The Crystal Maze? A Room Escape is a real-world adventure game: a team of friends, colleagues or frenemies enter into a specially built room filled with ingenious puzzles to challenge them. You find secrets, play with interactive props that respond to your touch, unravel a story in order to piece together the clues that allows you to solve a mystery and escape before the time runs out. It feels like a cross between immersive theatre and a live-action computer game.

If you like Secret Cinema, Sleep No More, The Crystal Maze, Labyrinth, Myst or Monkey Island, then this is right up your street!


How long does the experience last?

You have 60 minutes to escape the room, plus a fifteen minute briefing beforehand.


What’s the cancellation policy?

Once you’ve booked we can’t give you a refund, but if you know you can’t make it within 7 days contact us and we’ll help you rebook – escape@entertheoubliette.co.uk

What about lateness?

We recommend you arrive at the Adventure Shop ten minutes before your start time. The first few minutes are a briefing, so it is possible to join your group if you a few minutes late. Once the door is locked though, you can’t get in if you’re on the wrong side of the door!


How many people can play?

The capacity of the room is eight people – it’s designed for 6-8 people, and will be very difficult to solve with less than four. If you have a group of fewer than four players, choose some game session time slots you’re interested in then get in touch and we can try to match up up with other players to make up a full group. escape@entertheoubliette.co.uk

Is the experience suitable for children?

The puzzles are probably too hard for children under 12 . Over 12’s are fine accompanied by an adult.

Is the room wheelchair accessible?

The narrowest doorway is 65cm wide. If you have specific access requirements get in touch on escape@entertheoubliette.co.uk and we’re really happy to discuss things with you.